By Emma Dale. Posted in Blog

In 2020, Prospect celebrated its 18-year anniversary of providing talent solutions for the PR and communications industry. One of the reasons I have continued to have such a passion and commitment for this industry over such a long period of time has been the formative relationship with my mentor.

The relationship with my mentor came about in a very organic way. She was a candidate of mine and over a period of a few months I helped her through the recruitment process: from various rounds of interviews, package negotiations, relocation to a new market and onboarding as a senior leader at a global PR agency. Throughout this process, we not only became friends but she also quickly became my trusted mentor.

Although we worked in different – albeit adjacent – industries, her experience as an entrepreneur and global industry leader meant that she had the personality and expertise to bring to the table a different perspective. This relationship has survived for more than a decade, two country relocations and multiple career transitions.

The benefits of having a mentor have been well documented. According to the Harvard Business Review, 84% of CEOs in formal mentoring programs said mentors had helped them become proficient in their roles faster, and 69% were making better decisions as a result of their mentoring relationship. For me, having a mentor has been incredibly beneficial. It has provided me with guidance during challenging times. It has provided a different perspective and challenged my standard way of working. It has enabled me to learn and adapt my own business strategies to leverage global best practices.

Many of us are currently facing unprecedented challenges on a personal and professional front as a result of the global pandemic. While so much of our current circumstance feel beyond our control, there is great value in reaching out for help. Mentoring is a crucial and beneficial way to provide collaboration and support for professionals across the industry at all levels.

By Emma Dale – Co-Founder and Managing Director (Asia)