By Emma Dale. Posted in State of the Industry Review

Welcome to The 2021 State of the Industry Report produced by Prospect and PublicAffairsAsia.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the report. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the PR and communications industry in Asia Pacific during the past decade but 2020 was certainly one for the books!

As we started the research for this years’ report, we really wanted to find out how the public relations and communications industry navigated 2020. What was the impact of the global pandemic and geopolitical tensions on our sector and is this impact lasting?

Throughout our discussions, it became apparent that last year provided a chance to press pause and really question what we’ve been doing as an industry and how we’ve been doing it. We found an overwhelming sense of fatigue but also hope and cautious optimism that many of the positive changes can and will be encultured in the future.

The report covers a range of topics including compensation levels compared with 2019, job satisfaction levels, the recognition of the value of the communications function, and remote working and its impact on mental health.

It also raised questions around the future of the industry. What are the opportunities and risks for talent development? What is the future of the office environment? And how can communications maintain its increased status?

We hope you enjoy reading the report. Please do get in contact if you have any comments or questions.


Download The 2021 State of the Industry Report HERE


Emma Dale
Co-Founder, Managing Director (Asia), Prospect