By Emma Dale. Posted in Blog

Penny had been in her current role for three years, and while the feedback from her boss was generally positive, she could see that there was a lot more she could and should be doing. Penny signed up to the Prospect Mentoring Scheme seeking a mentor who could inspire her to think bigger and push boundaries.

Over the course of the six-month programme, Penny came to realise that she had not only found an advisor who had been there and done that, but that she had made a new friend in the industry who genuinely cared about her and wanted her to succeed.

The Prospect Mentoring Scheme began two years ago, and applications are now open to take part in the third year. As such we are regaled with experiences like Penny’s time and time again. Feedback from people who have taken part in the programme identify the benefits of sharing industry perspectives, of guidance around career advancement, and of building self-confidence.

But this is only half the story.

While much of the feedback is intangible, the benefits of mentoring translate into some fairly life-changing outcomes over time. Studies have shown that people who receive mentoring are promoted five times more often than people who don’t have mentors and are 20% more likely to get a raise[1].

Additionally, the relationships formed between mentors and mentees from across the PR and Communications industry have the ability to transcend the duration of the programme. In challenging times, these relationships can and are reactivated to help navigate the twists and turns of each stage of a career.

To date through the Prospect Mentoring Scheme, industry leaders based in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China have been partnered with professionals at all career levels. Mentors have included in-house and agency leads with experience across all sectors and disciplines.

One year on and Penny has been promoted within her company. She remains in regular contact with her mentor, and is advocating for more of her colleagues to apply to take part in the Prospect Mentoring Scheme this year.

If you could benefit from having a mentor, submit your application to take part in this year’s Prospect Mentoring Scheme. If your application is successful, you will be matched with an industry-leading mentor in your market. From October 2022 until March 2023, you’ll meet with your mentor for one hour every month. And best of all…it’s free.