By Emma Dale. Posted in Blog

Prospect is so excited to launch the second annual Prospect Mentoring Scheme that will take place in London, Hong Kong and Singapore from October 2021 to March 2022. At Prospect we’re big proponents of mentoring having experienced the benefits first-hand in our own professional journey. The mentors and mentees in last year’s programme echoed our experiences, identifying ‘sharing industry perspectives’ and ‘providing guidance around career advancement’ as the top outcomes.

As applications open for this year’s mentoring programme, we thought it was timely to highlight (and debunk) the top 4 myths about mentoring. So, if any of these beliefs are holding you back from applying to take part in the Prospect Mentoring Scheme, there’s no need to hesitate any longer. Apply now, it costs nothing and the rewards can be immense.

Myth 1: One mentor is enough

You wouldn’t accept the opinion of the first mechanic who looked at your car. Similarly, having just one mentor doesn’t mean you can (or should) close the door on other mentoring opportunities. By having more than one mentor, you’ll gain a diverse range of insights and perspectives that have been hard-earned by the experiences of your mentors. The added benefit is that you can seek out your mentors that are best suited to help you navigate specific challenges.

Myth 2: The mentor must be an expert in my sector

The PR and communications industry offers many areas for specialisation: that’s one of the reasons it makes such a dynamic profession. But the similarities between the areas of expertise oftentimes outweigh the differences, especially when it comes to mentoring. Having a mentor with a different background and expertise can broaden your horizons while also introducing you to new strategies or techniques that can be applied in your own job.

Myth 3: Mentoring is only for people who want to change jobs

While mentoring provides an opportunity to expand your professional network, it is not a strategy for getting a new job. The role of a mentor is to help you identify your goals, guide your approach to navigating challenges in the workplace, and to support your efforts. As such, mentoring is relevant for people at all stages of their careers.

Myth 4: It can only work face-to-face

Don’t be discouraged if you’re in lock-down or quarantine. If the last two years have proven anything, it’s that virtual interactions can be effective. While Zoom will never be a substitute for real life, it’s still possible to create meaningful connections with people via a screen.

Apply here to take part in the Prospect Mentoring Scheme. Once your application is approved, Prospect will match you with an industry-leading mentor in your location. From October until March, you’ll meet with your mentor for one hour every month.