By Colette Brown. Posted in Blog

For students and recent graduates looking to land their first job in PR and Communications, internships are a crucial and important step towards building a strong foundation for their career. These entry-level positions can provide valuable on-the-job experience, essential networking opportunities, and an overall understanding of the industry.


Why internships matter: Internships offer a window into the workings of the industry that go far beyond that which can be learned in a classroom. As in intern you get to work alongside professionals that have extensive experience, and you are given the opportunity to see how the industry works first hand. This practical exposure can allow you to perhaps apply any theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and gain hands-on experience that employers tend to value in potential candidates.


But internships don’t just have to be for people coming straight from education.


They can also be valuable for mid-career changers, providing an effective way to understand the industry, pick up new technologies, or garner a new skill set while getting your foot in the door to begin making connections within the industry. An internship can also serve as an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to your new career choice while learning about all the different aspects of PR and Communications.


Building a Network: Internships can be an excellent opportunity to build and expand professional networks. Interns are exposed to a wide array of professionals in the industry, including potential future employers, business partners, clients, and colleagues, among others. As an intern, building relationships by showing initiative, being willing to learn, and demonstrating your abilities can go a long way in building strong connections within the industry. When future job openings arise, an internship supervisor or colleague could be your advocate or referee which could really help with any applications.


CV Boosting: Adding an internship in PR and Communications to your CV can be a great way to make a lasting impression on potential employers. The skills and experience picked up during an internship can demonstrate to prospective employers that you have put in the time and effort to learn the industry ropes, and that you have the initiative to invest in your own education in the field. Hiring managers often look more favourably on candidates who have taken the time to do internships, as it shows initiative and makes the candidate stand out in a sea of applicants.


Interning in PR and Communications is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience, build a professional network, expand your CV, and lay the foundation for a rewarding career in the industry. It illustrates commitment to a possible career in PR and can provide you with insights around sectors and clients that maybe of interest to you. In summary, it’s a great springboard into the world or PR & Communications.