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We are halfway through 2024! While the past six months may have gone by in a blur, some trends have clearly emerged.

Here are five trends the Prospect team have spotted. We hope they can help you navigate and identify a clearer path through the rest of 2024.

Less redundancies but there are still re-orgs and restructuring.

The mass layoffs in 2023 have petered out, but companies are still in the process of restructuring and changing their business strategies for the next season. Companies may choose to hire instead in lower cost markets as an interim or longer-term measure. Until the season is over, this means that job security remains a top concern amongst employees. If you intend to explore opportunities, know that the runway may be longer than you expect so start conversations early and don’t wait until your job is at risk.

AI is catching on. All levels are upskilling constantly and using a range of tools.


AI adoption is well underway, and employees at all levels are being exposed to new tools that can help them to do their work faster or better. As reported in Prospect’s latest State of the Industry Report, most are in the “test-and-learn” phase with a focus on training and establishing operating rules and modest adoption across businesses. Employees that embrace continuous learning will position themselves competitively, and a growth mindset is a must-have at all levels.

Being commercial at all levels is important to protect your role and ensure job security.

Do you know how your company makes money, and how your work contributes to that in quantifiable ways? Introduced a lead, which led to a pitch, and resulting in your agency clinching a $100k retainer? There you go. If you are on the client side, it may be slightly more challenging to quantify your work in dollars, so what other creative ways can you show how your contributions and achievements help your company save money or provide a competitive advantage? How do your key stakeholders define impact, and do your goals reflect that commercial alignment?

Companies are hiring people who can turn their hand to many things rather than specialists.

While specialist skillsets are still needed in certain areas, today’s quickly evolving economy means employers will be favouring people who can bring broad skills and different ways of thinking to the table. To show that you can adapt to the changing demands of work, demonstrate curiosity and seek ways to keep improving and honing your craft.

Companies are offering small increases in salaries and relying on their culture, flexibility and benefits to attract new talent.

It is no secret that the business climate is challenging. Across the globe, businesses are facing headwinds to ensure profitability. Generous packages are a thing of the past, and companies have to look more holistically at aligning their offer to include other benefits. This means that job seekers may need to exercise more flexibility on salary expectations.

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SOI 2023 2024

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