Supporting Female Entrepreneurs3
By Emma Dale. Posted in Blog

Last month, Emma Dale, Prospect’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Asia, was invited to take part in a panel discussion as part of the HSBC Drive virtual global conference. The “Mentor, Coach or Connector? Accelerating Your Vision” discussion brought together leaders in providing mentoring, coaching and connecting support for female entrepreneurs. As a successful entrepreneur and qualified coach, Emma shared her philosophy and experience in coaching professionals across Asia and the UK to achieve their goals.

The topic of the panel discussion came about as a result of HSBC research findings. Research was conducted amongst 1,200 people across eight geographies with the goal of understanding the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. It found that there were specific issues that hindered entrepreneurial success including:

  • Gender bias, with one-third of respondents reporting that they had experienced gender bias.
  • Lack of knowledge around how to raise capital and other investment processes.
  • Limited interaction with role models, with research showing that female entrepreneurs were more likely to be inspired to start their own business by other women in their industry.
  • Access to networks, with many people attributing lack of access to peers and mentors to limiting growth.

The panel discussed the differences between coaching, mentoring and networking and the benefits of each for professional and entrepreneurial women. Emma emphasized that trust is one of the most important criteria when selecting the right coach for you. She described the ways in which coaches create a safe space in which to hold you accountable, keep you on track to reach your goals, challenge your assumptions, and act as a sounding board.

Additionally, the panel discussed topics such as diversity and inclusion, the impact of role models, the value of creating a ‘tribe’ or network of supporters, and how to boost self-confidence.


There is never a good time to set up a business, and certainly the impact of the pandemic on entrepreneurs cannot be underestimated. However, with a powerful support team of coaches, mentors and connectors, it is possible to achieve your professional goals…you just need to ask for help!

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