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By Emma Dale. Posted in Blog
  • Mentees based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China and the UK
  • Mentors comprised 60% in-house and 40% agency industry-leaders
  • Apply now to be a mentor or mentee in 2022/2023

The Prospect Mentoring Scheme was initiated in 2020 to support PR and Communications professionals who were most affected by the pandemic. With more than 90 individuals participating across Asia and the UK, we were overwhelmed by the response…but not necessarily surprised. There’s a reason we’ve been working exclusively with the PR and Communications industry for 20 years, and loving every minute of it!

A year later, despite expectations, the working environment was far from ‘business as usual’.

Some markets remained in the midst of the pandemic, subjected to lockdowns, travel limitations and office closures. In other markets where restrictions were lifting, professionals at all levels were grappling with a changed working environment and shifting priorities.

Against this backdrop, we saw how the Prospect Mentoring Scheme could continue to support people in the industry in 2021.

More than 40 mentors and mentees participated in the Prospect Mentoring Scheme from October 2021 to March 2022. In Asia, mentees based in Singapore, Hong Kong and – for the first time – Mainland China, were matched with industry-leading mentors. Around 60% of mentors were in-house and 40% were in agency roles.

Over the duration of the programme, mentors and mentees predominantly met virtually (55% of people exclusively participating virtually), while 18% were able to meet exclusively in-person.

According to mentees, the top three benefits of the programme were (1) sharing industry perspectives, (2) guidance around career advancement, and (3) building self-confidence. These benefits are consistent with feedback from mentees who participated in 2020.

Mentors identified the benefits they experienced as (1) giving back to the community, (2) hearing new perspectives and fresh ideas, and (3) enhancing leadership and management capabilities.

Here’s what participants said about the 2021/2022 Prospect Mentoring Scheme:

  • “I really connected with my mentor and learned so much from her. I also learned more about myself. My peers could really benefit from this program.” – Mentee
  • “Thank you Emma and team for coordinating this program! Got a lot out of it, and I plan to keep in touch with my mentor!” – Mentee
  • “This mentoring scheme is such a great idea especially in the current work-from-home / social distancing environment. Had a very productive session and looking forward to the next one.” – Mentor
  • “I enjoyed my chat with my mentee…good match-making!” – Mentor

A big thanks to all those who participated.

For more information about the Prospect Mentoring Scheme – or to register your interest in taking part in the next round – click here.