Senior Press Officer | Consumer | Personal Finance | In-House

Job ref: 76050CB

Consumer /Digital/Social Media /Financial Services / London / £30-35K

This in-house gig is pretty peachy. It’s a bit of everything. There’s a lot of consumer PR. There’s some personal finance in there too. Loads of responsibility because the team is small and they look for people who want to get involved and take ownership.

You will have heard of them for sure. They are all about helping you get money back when you make purchases online which means you have a little more to go towards the finer things in life. What’s not to love?

So what do they need? They are looking for a senior press officer who has perhaps done a stint in agency and would like to understand life on the other side. Or equally you may be in-house right now but keen to take more ownership. It means that you will be doing a lot with regards to building the company profile with the media; always looking for an opportunity to get their story heard (It’s a good one. Think starting on a dining table. No staff. Little budget. Now, 200 ppl and smashing it) There’s loads of both proactive and reactive media relations, dealing with the partnerships team (who beaver away to get those great clients to sign up) as well as developing a digital strategy for comms. The other great thing, is they’re a genuinely nice bunch. They have a strong philosophy around doing the right thing by people and looking after their customers. Fortunately it’s true for employees too.


If you fancy hearing more, we would love to tell you all about them so get in touch.




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