Corporate Communications Manager | In-House | (But in an agency!)

Job ref: 76046CB

B2B /Corporate /Digital/Social Media / London / c£40K

Think fish & chips, song & dance, Ant & Dec. . There are loads of things which just go together. And now we are working on the next cool partnership – how about working in-house for an agency?

You may have to say that a couple of times to yourself to get you head around it but you have to agree this could be the best job going.

The dynamism and culture of working in an agency. Not just any mind you. One of the most well-known network agencies out there. Coupled with the joy of being in-house & scratching that itch of just wanting to work on one brand because you feel as though you are spreading yourself too thin across a portfolio of clients, and just want to go deeper.

If this is sounding too good to be true, read on.

The role is a Corporate PR Manager so you get the picture. Access to senior leaders of the business to help profile them and make their names & faces ever more famous. Working closely with the new biz team to shout about the agency and all the great stuff that it does, which goes hand in glove with attracting new clients. And then there’s all the other stuff such as award entries (there’s a lot) building partnerships with key media and engaging audiences across social. And breathe . .

If you’re not really ready to leave the fun of agency life, but fancy working on a different kind of client, this could be your happy ever after.


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