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Job ref: 76662

Consumer /Technology /Travel / France /London / c£45,000

This is a pretty sexy role for someone looking to move in-house. Our client is a large, innovative tech brand that we all probably know and love. In the travel sector, they are all about delivering to their customers in one simple experience, all the while helping them to make sustainable travel choices.
Culturally they pretty much have it nailed as well. They’re innovative, pacey and fantastic at turning those brilliant ideas into concrete reality.
This is a newly created role for a Consumer PR Manager, working within the expanding comms team, to deliver campaigns across key European markets, notably France and Italy. Now the key thing is here, France and Italy. We said it was sexy. And you could find yourself working in Paris if you fancied it, or the role can be from London. Of course, a great command of the French language is a must, and sadly we need a little more than the GCSE days of looking for the post office or finding a bakery.
But if you do speak french and know a bit about the French media, this could be a cracker. If you spoke some Italian as well . . .OK, we’ll stop there.

To find out more about what this role is all about, do get in touch. And remember, as Audrey says, Paris is always a good idea.


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