Associate Director | Consumer

Job ref: 75638CB

Consumer / London / c70K

As soon as we say the name of this agency, you’d know who they are. And you’d know who they are, because you probably think they are brilliant. You think they are brilliant because they have some great clients, but more than that, of course do some great work for those great clients. Owing to the great work they do for those great clients, you would most likely want to work there yourself, so you can work with those great clients, but more importantly the amazing team that works on those great clients. Which of course would mean you were part of that amazing team too.

So to get the job and make all this happen, you need to be an established Associate Director in a consumer shop who loves to approach creative challenges in slightly different ways. And just to be clear, that doesn’t mean projecting things on the walls of Buckingham Palace (for example)

Everyone talks about being ‘brave’ and ‘doing it differently’ but in this place they really do. It’s why you’d know who they were, and why they work on great clients and do great work for those clients.
And why you can’t miss out on being part of this amazing team.
So float your CV down the Thames to us (or not. Just email it) and soon you could be part of an agency that is well . . . famous.


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