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B2B /Corporate /Financial Services /Content / London / DOE

There are umpteen reasons why we like working with this agency but we haven’t time to list them all here so in summary, they just get it.

They understand that PR is a people business, and without you, well . . . It’s why they put their team at the front and centre of all they do. They get that from a brilliant team, flows pretty good work and here, you get to work on some genuinely interesting clients, from climate change to modern slavery. Not that you may believe that you could actually do that in medium sized, corporate/b2b agency. But you can.
Because, they get it.
They get the cycle that when you hire great people, you attract the best clients and then deliver amazing work which helps to attract great people and more fantastic clients.

You get the picture.

We’re looking for SAEs to SAMs but keen to talk to people generally who are excited by the prospect of working in this sort of business. After all, if you’re exceptional talent, then you’ll be working on exceptional clients.




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