Account Manager | B2B | Independent Agency

Job ref: 76409

B2B /Corporate /Generalist / London / DOE

There are some places you walk into and you just know it’s not right. Then there are others that just feel like home. This is most definitely one of those.

Putting their people first, they have a culture which is nurturing, progressive and thriving. Add to this a great mix of clients and you have the recipe for a pretty special place to work.

This is a medium size agency that has a really diverse range of clients in the B2B space; everything from agri-tech to payments. They are all about creating communications to help those businesses grow, as well as managing reputation and issues when they arise. We are helping them to find a strong AM to help them do just that as they also grow. It’s an independent business which means they are in charge of their own destiny. It gives them the freedom to make choices and the ones they make, usually put the team front and centre of all they do. It may go some way towards explaining why they have such a great retention rate.

If you’re looking for an agency that values your opinion, invests in your development and gives you tonnes of opportunity to work on interesting clients; Welcome Home.


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