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Corporate /Financial/IR /Public Affairs / London / c£25,000

So it’s January.
And we all know how that usually rolls.
New Year. Resolutions. New Job. Shiny gym membership. Diet. Holiday plans. Life goals.
We’d be lying if we said this year was no different. But some of the things on the list really don’t need to be. You may not be able to jet off to sunnier climes right now and the gym membership may resemble your living room floor and a couple of tins of beans but the new job? and the life goals? They’re all still on offer.
Our client is an award winning agency. They all say that don’t they? But this one really is. Lots of them.
They are independent and specialise in corporate and financial comms, campaigning and public affairs.
They have an insane client list, any one of which you would be so excited to work with.
They have a collaborative culture, never more evident than right now as we all work from our bedrooms, our ironing boards and kitchen tops.
And they’re hiring. Which also speaks volumes.
So what we need are Account Executives. Ideally with corporate PR experience or financial comms and who are passionate about their work, love current affairs and would probably prefer to watch Newsnight over Married at First Sight (although watching both is totally fine)
If you want a few of the good January feels, working for the right agency on the right clients, doesn’t need to wait. Changing things up could make the home office/ironing board much more appealing. As for the gym membership, there is one of those available too when we’re all back in the office together, but for now, the beans may have to suffice.


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