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Are you a media coverage machine who can run several clients’ accounts in your sleep?

We’re looking for an experienced agency PR and news junkie who’s brimming with story ideas, knows the media inside out and writes sparkling releases and pithy comments.

You should be comfortable dealing with clients of all sizes and in a range of sectors. And you need to be able to tease out strong stories from each client, which you then pitch to senior journalists in both national and specialist media.

Experience of working with financial services and property clients is a big plus, but above all we value people with the intelligence and curiosity to get across multiple briefs.

This PR firm led by former journalists who have all worked in senior roles at The Sun, BBC, Express and Daily Mail.

They use their journalistic nous to create proper stories for multiple well-known brands. Their approach means their press releases are always newsdesk-ready, and regularly win clients reams of brand-building coverage.

They work remotely, so you can earn a London salary no matter where you live. Some things are best done in person though, so they also meet up regularly for drinks, dinner and fun.

This is a place you’ll receive genuine autonomy so if you’re self-motivated, a real go getter with a nose for a good story and loves all things media this could be the place for you.

Skills needed:

  • Snappy writing: You’ll be a wordsmith who can craft punchy stories without wasting a word.
  • Great communication skills: Confident talking to senior figures and presenting yourself in a professional manner.
  • Amazing nose for a story: The ability to spot a great tale amid the corporate babble, and to rework a client’s thinly veiled plug into a headline-grabber.
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets and data: Lots of strong, original stories can be found hidden in dry-looking official data. You’ll be happy wrangling numbers from a range of sources and ready to learn more.
  • Multi-tasking: You’ll need to be able to run multiple accounts across different sectors. You’ll relish this variety and be comfortable keeping several plates spinning at once.