By Florence Evans. Posted in Blog

Placing your career into the hands of consultants requires a leap of faith. You have to be confident that the recruiter will hear when you tell them your goals, that they will be transparent about the market and opportunities, and that they will look out for your best interests over the long term, not just until they make the first placement.

The Prospect team prides itself on providing a better approach to recruitment underpinned by industry expertise, transparency and a people-first attitude. You’ve already met Amanda and Joan, who live these values each and every day. And now, we’re delighted to introduce Florence Evans, our newest consultant at Prospect Asia, based in Singapore.

Florence has a background in marketing communications, and brings a sense of excitement and energy to all her interactions. We’ve loved working with her over the past few months and we know you will too!

Here’s a little bit about Florence but to continue the conversation, please contact her directly at: florence@prospectresourcing.com

What brought you to Singapore?

I moved to Singapore two years ago with my partner. I was transferred here by my previous company from London. We wanted to travel to different parts of Asia and experience a variety of cultures – and we’ve definitely loved doing this so far!

Why did you make the switch from communications to recruitment?

I love understanding the aspirations of others, what makes them tick, and how they approach life. As a recruiter, you seek to understand people at this level and help them reach the next step in their careers. I find this really rewarding that we are helping people to do this every day.

What are the most important things you look for when you meet a new candidate?

Passion and enthusiasm! This is hard to train, and has to come naturally to some degree. A growth mindset and willingness to learn is so important when choosing to take on a new role regardless of years of experience.

How do you maintain your sunny temperament/ mental health?

I’m a huge fan of all forms of exercise to help maintain a good frame of mind, particularly yoga, which I teach every month! I also find that talking to loved ones openly and checking in regularly helps to put things into perspective and ‘offload’ any mental baggage, something we all carry!

What are your hopes and goals for 2023?

For 2023, I’m really excited to grow and develop in my role at Prospect and learn from Amanda, Joan, Emma and the team. Both professionally and personally, I’m hoping to gain confidence and knowledge as a recruiter.

I’m also planning on traveling lots more this year and making the most of the beautiful locations nearby we can visit. This includes a road-trip around Taiwan and skiing in Japan!