Back in 2016, Prospect’s Co-Founder Emma Dale trained with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL) to become a qualified executive coach and created Transform Executive Coaching.

In Asia, Emma offers business and career coaching to individuals and corporates in Hong Kong and Singapore. Emma is now bringing her coaching expertise to the UK market to offer individuals and corporates, independent coaching sessions or group coaching workshops.

What does Transform Executive Coaching do?

Emma’s business, Transform works with companies to coach potential and current members of the leadership team to maximise their potential. In addition, Transform works with individuals looking for support and guidance on their careers and acts as an independent sounding board to individuals needing guidance on how to reach their potential and maximize their performance.

Coaching Women Into Leadership

Transform coaches women on how to step up into leadership roles and have the resilience and confidence to achieve rewarding careers in male-dominated industries.

Potential Leaders

Transform works with the c-suite in businesses across all sectors, to identify high-potential individuals, both male & female and coaches them to improve their leadership ability.

Career Coaching

Transform works closely with clients to understand their career goals, challenge their thinking, identify their strengths and achieve their career objectives.

Coaching Workshops

Emme Dale runs coaching workshops for groups of 5 people throughout the year. These workshops are aimed at junior to mid- level professionals. Individuals can sign up or one company can take 5 places.

Course currently on offer in January to March 2021:

You’ve got this: Building confidence to gain credibility


Communicating confidently and being able to influence those around you, is just as important as having the technical skills and ability to be successful. This workshop will empower female professionals in PR and communications by helping them believe in their strengths, be confident in their abilities and enhance their credibility. This workshop will build up your confidence allowing you to shine in front of clients, colleagues and your leadership team alike.

Who should attend?

  • PR Account Executives, Managers and Account Directors
  • In-house PR professionals

Cost (per person)

£200 / $US280

For more information on individual or group coaching workshops please contact Emma at or  whatsapp +852 9177 8123 or mobile +44 7770 945144

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