Talent: How to Attract, Retain, and Train

Posted by Prospect‘s Asia Pacific Team

On April 27, Prospect partnered with PRCA SEA to present a virtual event on the topic at the very core of business success: Talent.

Everything we know about managing and motivating talent has been called into question in response to the events of the past year. But as life goes on and business continues, many organisations are left wondering ‘what’s next’. What have we learned about creating a stable, motivated and capable team in this environment? How can we attract and onboard the best talent in this pandemic/ post-pandemic era?

To answer these questions and more, Emma Dale, Co-Founder and Managing Director (Asia), Prospect brought together a panel of agency and in-house talent management experts with remits across China, South East Asia, Asia Pacific and the UK. The panel comprised Mei Ling Yeow, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Archetype, Rikki Jones, President, GCI Health Asia-Pacific and Market Leader, BCW Singapore, Derek Yuen, Regional People Partner, KPMG China, and Keir Macintosh, Group Head of Talent Acquisition & Talent Management, Asda, UK.

The hour-long discussion encompassed the differences between the working culture in Asia versus global markets, strategies for upskilling and reskilling the workforce, and retaining and attracting staff.

Takeaways from the conversation included:

  • Employers should look to establish trusted relationships with team members by listening more, giving credit for a job well-done, and responding honestly when they don’t have all the answers.
  • Embodying the organisation’s purpose and articulating the value of people’s individual contribution is a powerful motivator for retaining staff and attracting new talent.
  • Employers are willing to provide and invest in the professional development of their teams, however individuals need to be accountable for their own learning and career progression.

The advice imparted by the panel of experts highlighted the importance of authenticity and human connection rather than transactional relationships. The overarching consensus was that it’s time to look at human resource management with fresh eyes: discard the cookie-cutter approach to talent management and try new things.

Click here to watch the virtual event, or contact Prospect directly to discuss your needs for recruitment, professional development or career progression.

Emma Dale
Co-Founder and Managing Director (Asia)

Amanda Lee
Director, Asia