Spotlight on Text 100 Hong Kong

Posted by Prospect‘s Asia Pacific Team

Hello! We’re Text100.

We’re a global marketing and communications agency focused on doing the most inspirational work for the world’s most important brands. We’ve built our 37-year track record on reigning in the hype, unraveling the complex, shaping reputations and sparking movements.


Our recent office opening party in the hip and trendy Sheung Wan district showed guests how strategic and creative thinking come together to bring great ideas to life. Our “i-Lab” concept saw guests interact with our experiments and art installations in truly immersive experience.


How we roll

We don’t take ourselves too seriously; creativity is meant to be fun. We encourage strategic thinking with a healthy dose of silliness. Good day. I’m the guy who knows how it is when you get a sudden panic attack. Screw those “disorders”, it’s just bs when your waiting for an interview and you get one right before getting in. I have been on a long course with ativan, 3 month actually, and had them only twice during that time. Buy it normally on , they have proved quality. Speak in memes, post funny GIFs in the team chat, or dye your hair rainbow, we don’t judge. Everyone on our team is empowered to share their game-changing ideas, no matter how out-of-the-box they are.


So hot right now

Teamwork is essential but it starts with cohesion. That’s why we hot desk, which is basically like musical chairs for team building and productivity. We move around the office and sit with different people every day. It’s how we collaborate, learn new things about other accounts, or get up to speed on our favorite TV shows. Life isn’t set in stone and neither should your seat in the office.


Squad goals

Our Tuesday morning team huddle sets the pace for the rest of the week. Stuffy meeting room formalities are left at the door and we gather in our lounge area for icebreakers and shoutouts to MVPs who’ve done an awesome job or gone the extra mile at work. We also share key learnings, our to-do lists for the week, and distress signals (yes, we sometimes DO have those). Staying in the loop means we’ve got each other’s back.


Thirsty Thursdays

When the week seems long and daunting, there is always Thirsty Thursday to look forward to. We put in drink orders before noon and by 4:30pm, we’re clinking glasses at the pantry over friendly chit chat or sipping at our desks to power through a project. White wine, carrot juice and bubble tea have been trending as the top three drink orders, and occasionally, we get snackies too!


Mad skills, with a side of muffins

Every two weeks, we host internal training sessions designed to help our colleagues advance in their careers. Versatile, dynamic and usually hands-on, our sessions help team members discover their hidden talents and upskill them to take on new challenges.


Who loves bingo?

We do! To the absolute dread of our resident workaholics (there are a few – we never said we were perfect), we have a Friday Bingo draw on the last Friday of the month, with leave times starting from 3pm and ending at 6pm. No swapping. No rainchecks. You have to get out of the office at the time you’ve drawn. And we will literally blast “The Final Countdown” on our speakers and stand next to you to make sure you leave on time.


Did we mention we love to party?

We wrap up each month with a party, each planned by two different colleagues – lots of yummy, finger lickin’ good food and a team building activity. From fried chicken and word games to sushi and scavenger hunts, our monthly parties always guarantee good times and full bellies.


Like, really love to party.

At our recent office opening party, we turned our creative space into “The i-Lab” to show how we formulate ideas through inspiration, innovation and ingenuity. We built infinity mirror and video installations, and designed a whiteboard mural with hidden QR codes to showcase our five core service offerings: Social, Content, Creative, Strategy and Public Relations. The space also featured interactive experiences including a molecule density experiment-style poll and a Post-It wall to crowd-source inspiring ideas from our guests.


We champion work-life balance. We frown upon frequent late-hours because they hemorrhage productivity, morale and motivation. Our office culture is underpinned by activities to foster teamwork and empowerment because we believe that creativity thrives in a happy work environment. That’s why we want our members to enjoy and feel proud about the work they do as they create the most inspirational work for the world’s most important brands.