Leaders Lunch in Singapore

Posted by Prospect‘s Asia Pacific Team

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked with us, that we’re people who love people. Like so many others in Asia, we’ve found it challenging to pivot exclusively to virtual interactions over the past two years. But on Thursday 23rd June 2022, we were able to host the Prospect / PRCA Leaders Lunch – which was PRCA’s first in-person leaders lunch event in Singapore since before the Covid pandemic in 2019. And we couldn’t have asked for a better group of people with which to kick-off this new post-pandemic era.

Held at Garibaldi Restaurant, the lunch and informal discussion with 10 in-house and agency PR and Communications leaders made it apparent that we’ve all been through so much since we were last together. Nevertheless, there is an overwhelming sense of optimism for the future.

Attracting and retaining talent remains front-of-mind for leaders across the industry. 2022 is unquestionably a candidate’s market. More than 65% of PR and Communications professionals reported to be looking to change their employment this year [1] . Yet on the flip side, Singapore’s talent shortage level is at its highest in 16 years and eight in 10 (84%) employers report difficulty in filling roles [2] .

Throughout the discussion, we heard how organisations are navigating this situation, while balancing government requirements, the needs of the business and the priorities of new and existing team members. Some of the takeaways include:

1. Leadership has never been more important
This generation of employees is cognisant of the role of leaders not only in the success of the business, but on an individual’s long-term career success. In evaluating opportunities, candidates increasingly seek leadership that shows clear vision and direction, can commit to spending one-on-one time with juniors, and supports (and provides flexibility to pursue) their interests outside the office.

In the past year at Prospect, we’ve seen an uptick in companies recognising the increasing importance of effective leaders on their team’s expansion, productivity and morale. Many companies have begun working with Prospect to coach their staff to step into leadership roles [3] .

2. Talent can be found in different places
The political and economic environment in some Asia Pacific markets has increased the appeal of living in Singapore among professionals in all sectors. Hiring managers who have struggled to fill roles within the local Singaporean talent pool, are finding appealing candidates currently based in Malaysia and Hong Kong who are open to relocating. The government’s limited issuance of EPs and SPs has not been prohibitive. The general sentiment was that the process for obtaining work permits has not been as difficult in 2022 as it was last year.

3. Employee happiness is key to retention
Supporting the well-being of employees remains key to talent retention. Some attendees shared their morale boosting initiatives such as providing options for hybrid/remote working, team bonding activities and working from offices in other countries. However, there is an increasing awareness that while some benefits can support individuals, they can create additional pressure on the rest of the team. Upping the duration of maternity leave above the 4-month statutory requirement was cited as one such example which, while appealing for the individual, has resulted in a sustained period of increased workload for other team members.

4. Flexibility can create a win-win situation
In comparison with previous years, more professionals are open to accepting contract or part-time roles in both in-house and agency environments. The reason was attributed to the desire for new experiences rather than worrying about how a ‘choppy’ CV may look to hiring managers in the future. Companies in the technology and financial sectors are taking advantage of this flexibility to engage more workers on a contract basis.

5. Opportunities abound
There are plenty of opportunities for PR and Communications professionals in Asia Pacific. Check out our roles currently on offer. And contact us directly on sg@prospectresourcing.com to find out how Prospect can help build and grow PR and Communications careers through recruitment, coaching and mentoring.



[1] Prospect’s State of the Industry Review

[2] https://www.humanresourcesonline.net/singapore-employers-report-strongest-hiring-intentions-between-july-to-september-2022

[3] Prospect’s coaching offering is led by Emma Dale, Co-Founder and Managing Director (Asia), Certified Coach, Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL) and Licenced Firework Career Coach.