Beware of the CV abyss

Posted by Prospect‘s Asia Pacific Team

With lots of firms advertising their positions on a variety of job sites, is this really the best way for jobseekers to secure their dream job?

For as long as I can remember, I am yet to meet a job seeker who has successfully found a new job via a job site. A punchy statement to make I know, but it’s a fact. Certainly over the last 5 months I have met job seekers who have applied for jobs at well-known brands on job sites, the most common being LinkedIn, resulting in zero response. Where do these CV’s and applications go? Job seekers feel that they press the send button on their device and their CV goes into a dark hole, never to be heard from again.

I have also heard job seekers are turned off by applying via an online portal, due to noticing how many other people have applied. When that figure is in the 100’s, job seekers wonder what’s the point in applying.

However, with companies under pressure to save costs, many firms are placing an advert on a jobsite as an initial way to attract candidates before they turn to a recruiter such as Prospect. But is this the right approach? If a company is not going to respond to all the applications it can leave the job seeker with a negative view of the brand. One could argue that it’s just decent courtesy to send a reply of some sort or have a holding statement on the advert explaining only successful applications will be contacted. It is frustrating for the job seeker when they do not receive any form of feedback as to why they have not been successful. As a result job seekers are getting far savvier with online job applications, trying other ways to work around the system because they are reticent to fire off that application into the black hole. Many are contacting someone they know within that firm to get an introduction, however most actually want a recruiter, such as Prospect to represent them for the following reasons:

Applying online can be very time consuming due to the complexity of the application form.

With restraints on what can be written in an advertisement, it can be hard for the job seeker to gauge the level of the role and if they are suitable for it. At Prospect we advise our candidates on their suitability for roles and only represent candidates that are relevant for our clients.

We represent the job seeker and will target their CV directly to our contact(s) within that firm. We pride ourselves on our deep relationships with our clients. We are sending the CV to the right person, whether that’s HR or the line manager. Applying directly on an online portal, may only get your CV in front of HR.

We develop a relationship with every job seeker, getting to know their experience, personality, career desires and work hard to secure their next brilliant role.

We chase the client for a response to the CV, we endeavour to get the job seeker in front of the client, we prepare the job seeker for interview, and we get the feedback from the client and manage the process from start to finish. Many job seekers dislike doing this themselves- they hate chasing a potential employer and find the whole process quite awkward.

We negotiate on the job seekers behalf to get them the best offer. Again, job seekers find it hard to negotiate themselves an attractive remuneration package and prefer a third party to manage the deal for them.

At offer stage, there are always many questions that the job seeker needs answers to. We carry the job seeker through this process, providing them with the answers and holding their hand right through to their resignation with their existing company.

So the next time you see your perfect job on an online portal, take time to think of the best way to get in front of that company, before hitting that send button. Consider who you know in that firm and contact them or, instead, pick up the phone to your trusted recruitment partner to see if they can represent you.