2020 State of the Industry Report: We’d Like Your Input on Key Questions Confronting Our Industry

Posted by Prospect‘s Asia Pacific Team

We are pleased to announce that the fieldwork for The 2020 State of the Industry Report has commenced.

We would value you contributing a few thoughts and comments to a range of key questions.

We do hope you will participate in the online research and invite you to take part in one of four surveys based on your current position and the area of the industry in which you work.

Answers are requested in open ended text form and will be treated as unattributable but will be used to inform the content of the report.


Please follow the most relevant link below to participate:

Survey 1: Agency Heads

Survey 2: Heads of Function (In-House)

Survey 3: Agency Staff

Survey 4: In-House Staff


Should you prefer to participate in a telephone interview instead please let us know and we will seek to arrange a time for a call.

We thank you for your engagement. We look forward to releasing the report in Spring 2020.

Emma Dale (emma@prospectresourcing.com)
Co-Founder and Managing Director (Asia)