Prospect Presents our Hong Kong based consultant Charlie. We asked him a few questions to get to know him a bit better ...

What was your journey that led you to Prospect?

I originally started working in advertising as an Account Manager at an Advertising Agency in London. It transpired to be very long hours and unimaginable stress for very little reward. I had a friend working at a search firm in London at the time who introduced me to the world of recruitment. Whilst attending a friend’s wedding in Thailand I sat on a table of expats from Hong Kong who all had such great stories to tell. It planted the seed and eventually inspired me to leave London and move to Asia.


What motivates you to come into work every day?

I passionately believe that a business is only as good as the people that it employs. I take great satisfaction in securing world class talent for our clients. I also enjoy being able to interact and communicate with people every day.


Tell us a secret

Not really a secret but one of the best experiences of my life was meeting Nelson Mandela. My family were invited to a ceremony he was attending along with my father. He was awe inspiring, very humble and had an incredible aura about him that is very hard to describe.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Money is for spending on making good memories.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I worked as a pot washer over the summer holidays in a canteen at a business park in Hemel Hempstead. It was a long day and the pots just kept coming. I don’t think I’ve ever had to produce so much elbow grease. 

What precisely do you do? What are the duties/functions/responsibilities of your job?

As well as working with clients to find and secure the best talent for their business, our role is to act as advisers and consult with both candidates and clients.  We educate them about the skills shortages in the market and ways to retain the best talent in their business which helps to build a relationship and gain trust for when they do actually want to hire.

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job? 

I think one of the most important skills on our job is to be a very good listener.  Anybody can talk the hind legs of a donkey but listening and understanding people’s frustrations and concerns and being able to emphathise with them is a much harder skill to nail down!

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

The last picture was from an Elton John concert I went to on Tuesday with my wife and my father and mother in law. Great night but the crowds in Hong Kong don’t appreciate performers as much as they do back in the UK so the atmosphere in comparison was average!

You have one meal left on earth, what would it be?

I think it would have to be a steak from Morton’s steakhouse in Hong Kong with a side of fries and asparagus with a pepper sauce. Off the charts!


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