This Halloween, Prospect has a witch’s cackle at the darker side of comms.

At Prospect, we get to work with some of the best in the comms biz, but even the most astute PR professional can slip up spectacularly from time to time. Career suicide is not a term that is naturally synonymous with PR job recruitment or one to be celebrated but we like to offer you something different and quite frankly, have a bit of an evil cackle this Halloween!  

Embracing our darker side, we invite you to share in the fun and tell us your most memorable, cringeworthy and horrifying PR nightmares. Ever wanted to throw yourself off the nearest bridge (OK, bit extreme!) because the wrong press release was sent out to all of your journos? Perhaps you accidentally CC’d your client on an internal rant about them and prayed the ground would swallow you up (just to protect you from being murdered by her and her stiletto!)? Or…, and this is our all time favourite, the new Tinder match you’ve been chatting to, suddenly sounds oh-so-familiar and the penny drops - he’s a client! 

Are we getting closer? Fear not, you’re not alone - Prospect has had its fair share of hair-raising happenings... Someone in the office, who shall remain nameless, recently asked a client if she could hold him, when of course she wanted to put him on hold!

So, if you pronounced the celebrity host’s name incorrectly at the big launch or conducted a whole round of interviews with lipstick on your teeth, we’re keen to hear the horror stories! Join in our warts and all celebration of the scariest PR blunders, slip ups and downright disasters on Prospect’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or simply add a comment below. Happy Halloween!  


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