This is the first instalment of our series of lunchtime blogs. Thanks to all of the brilliant PR people who have sent in their lunchtime favourites so far...

First up its Eileen Scott who is an Account Manager at the London arm of Citizen Relations


Lunchtime, second to bedtime, is clearly the best time of day and it’s pretty depressing to think that lunchtime for most PR’s is flitting between our computer screens, an ever-growing to do list and a Prêt Sandwich... So I decided to escape the demands for revised press releases, learn something new and eat a delicious meal at the same time. 

L’atelier des Chefs is a small cookery school on Wigmore Street specialising in ‘cook and dine’ experiences. Offering a wide range of courses, from cooking the ultimate steak to nailing a perfect macaroon, these people know what they’re doing. L’atelier des Chefs has cleverly created a series of lunchtime cookery classes; you go, you cook, you eat, all in your lunch break.

I opted for the 30 minute Spanish session where we made cod with a butterbean, chorizo and smoked paprika stew.  Jam packed full of flavour, the dish was incredibly delicious and surprisingly easy to make. To top it off, even in the small amount of time away from the office made me feel refreshed and satisfyingly distracted from the day-to-day.

At £15 it’s not going to replace your usual lunch, but it’s something you could easily peel yourself away from your desk to do once a month.  We need to mix things up in our PR brains sometimes. There is plenty of talk about inspiring creativity in everything we do, but it’s a tall order given we usually follow exactly the same pattern of activity every day. I’m not going to claim it will change your life, but shaking up the usual routine by doing something completely different, creative and interesting can create a noticeable difference in motivation, concentration and creativity. The more we see, experience, taste and make, the more ideas and perspectives we can bring to the party


Next up is Katie Taylor who is Consumer Director at Zeno Group’s London office:


I try at least once a week to do some exercise in my lunch hour - I am a member of The Third Space gym which is about 3 minutes walk from the Zeno London office, and they run 30 minute spinning classes at lunchtime. A quick blast of intensive and sweaty exercise, with enough time for a quick shower and to be back in the office within 45 minutes.

The Third Space is a beautiful gym and given its location, theoretically I should never have an excuse not to go, but obviously working in PR this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. However it’s not cheap and if I don’t take full advantage, it makes each session rather expensive. But there are now loads of dedicated spinning studios popping up all over London, which you can pay per class such as Psycle. If they were closer to the office, I would definitely try one of them out.

I spin for health reasons, but I also find it really helps mentally too – especially if you are having a manic day. I find I come back refreshed and invigorated, and it often gives me a new perspective on what I was working on before I left the office.


Finally we have Kate Gray who is a Director at Leeds and London agency MCGPR

I don’t think I’m alone in our industry in being a bit of a butterfly when it comes to interests and obsessions. I believe it comes with the territory – we need to be lateral thinkers and to be interested in so many different things in order to keep the fresh ideas and relevant angles coming. So, in addition to the lunchtime staples of fresh air and a nutritious meal I try to use my time away from my desk to try new experiences. 

Having completed a couple of terms of evening classes doing life drawing at Leeds College of Art, I’m about to embark on a short series of lunchtime Drawing to Painting classes designed to help students get to grips with new techniques. 

I have noticed that my days have become increasingly fragmented and multi-faceted as social media becomes more and more integral to the way I work. When I started life drawing I was surprised how unnatural it felt to concentrate on one thing for a few hours at a time. Whilst the skill of drawing isn’t really relevant to my work, the discipline of concentration is something I have tried to re-introduce to my time at my desk and I hope the challenge of learning something new will keep my brain more agile and creative.

The most popular lunch activity in the history of MCG (other than eating) was definitely the visiting masseuse who did 30 minute treatments designed to help combat the bad posture that comes from sitting at a computer for long periods. Other less-successful initiatives include the MCG allotment (we flooded the office with an over-flowing watering can), the book club (too similar to our day jobs) and the ill-fated French conversation sessions which our resident linguist Katy was supposed to run, but we all lost motivation.

MCG Director Sarah Chadwick adds: “I’m a big believer in what you do away from work helping inform and inspire what you do at work. The more of life you experience, the more you can contribute.”


Check in next month for more lunchtime inspiration. If you want to get involved in Latest Hits Lunchtime Living please email / Tweet @ellieinacoma or call  07809486236


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