There was a piece in the Metro a little while ago about how we work, on average, 19 days extra days per year (unpaid) because we don’t take lunch breaks.

To read the full article click here.

Given that the PR industry is renowned for long hours, stressful days (leading into nights) and doesn’t have the best record of work / life balance we are keen to explore this further.  We are doing a series of blogs leading on from this about all the cool, beneficial and interesting things PR people could and should be doing in their lunch breaks instead of eating a limp sandwich in front of their computer screen and how, if we take this time for ourselves, it can make a difference to our morale, energy levels, focus and team dynamic.

So what do you do?  Do you make a conscious effort to head out of the office and meet friends for lunch, do you indulge in a regular manicure fix, do you volunteer, do you go for a walk and Instagram the journey through your city, do you take a language class?

It would be great to get our clients, candidates and PR friends involved and hopefully it will bring you and your agency some great PR too, as well as inadvertently perhaps getting some business conversations going.

All we need is a press release covering off the below information:

- Who are you and who do you work for? (include full name, web address and Twitter handles too)

- What do you / could you do in your lunch break near the office, that is different or interesting?

- Where do you do it / could you do it? (again, include web links and twitter handles if appropriate)

- Why do you do it and why should others try too?

- What benefit does it have on you / your performance / the way you feel / the team dynamic / brainstorms / your energy or concentration levels etc?

If you’d like to take part in this and have your name in lights (across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on Prospect’s website) and help us to claim back our lunch breaks, do drop an email or call her on 07809486236 to chat.


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