7ATE at Jackson & Rye

We are always up for a hearty breakfast at Prospect, so we were looking forward to our visit to Jackson & Rye on Wardour Street...

...especially after some rave reviews on the website.

The style is rustic / East Coast American and on arrival all looks promising. The staff were very friendly but appeared to have left their efficiency under the duvet because the service was pretty hit and miss. This was obviously first thing in the morning, so they had either yet to have their espresso shot or it didn’t bode well for evening service. 

Having had to ask for the menus after 20 minutes of being seated, we ordered our drinks, which were pretty good. The lattes were hot, the juices interesting (including coconut water and green juice) but the main event was certainly the eggs. Lots of eggs.

If you aren’t too fond of them (unless they are of the chocolate variety) and also avocado, it’s a little disappointing.  To be fair, you can have them any way you wish; poached, scrambled, fried, with or without potatoes, ham or ‘slabs’ of bacon (and boy, are they slabs). Even the less eggy options featured both food types with the common or garden bacon roll served with an avocado and you guessed it . .. egg. American it may be but we couldn’t help feeling that we just wanted something more straight forward. So being pedantic, when ordering a bacon roll, surely that’s what you expect? Not one with a side of avocado and egg?! 

Other options included creamed grits, buttermilk pancakes and a lot of grape jelly. Maybe we made some poor choices, but the bacon was like leather, there was an overkill of the oval things and for the price and the service, we all agreed that we wouldn’t be rushing back. Le Pain Quotidien do a far better breakfast and you get much more bang for your buck. Sorry guys, but we still hope you have a nice day!



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