New year new job? How about new month new job?

New year new job? How about new month new job?

With the freelance market being so buoyant there hasn’t been a better time to consider a more flexible style of working.

Whilst there will always be a need for a consistent team who can grow long term client relationships the move to a more project based way of working and political factors -  that we need not go in to - means there is now a definite demand for freelance candidates that have an agency or in-house press office background.

Have you got what it takes? You’ll:

Need to be relatively spontaneous and be happy to receive a brief from us one day and start your new job the next

Be the type of person that loves meeting new people

Be great at digesting information quickly

Have a ‘yes’ approach

Love working in a fast paced team

What will you get in return?

A competitive day rate (especially useful if you’re saving to go travelling)

Exposure to an array of agency and in-house environments

Stints that run form 1 day to 1 year

A hot line to Prospect -  what more could one want?

If you’re freelancing already or considering  it in 2017, please call either Veronique or Celia to discuss how the freelance lifestyle could work for you. It’s not for everyone so please do contact us for a confidential chat.

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