And the winner is....

As we suspected the competition at Grosvenor House on Tuesday 14th October was  exceptionally high, but we managed to give out all of the awards for the’ Alternative PR Week Awards’.

Let’s take a look at the categories and there winners:

The Gaga Award for the best dressed
Lotte Jones, Surname and Surname

The Hamlet award for the close but no cigar (ie the one that we think should have won)
Natalie Luke and the team at Aduro Communications

The We Predict a Riot Award for the loudest table
Unity PR Team

The Winehouse award for the best hair
Andrew Soar from Shine Communications

The Elton Award for the quirkiest take on black tie
James Corden, the host of the evening

The Staying Alive Award for the best dancer
Don Ferguson from Hope & Glory PR 

Thank you to all of those that took part, next year, it could be you.


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