There’s 7 of us at Prospect London and every month we all get together to sample one of London’s culinary delights. We call it 7Ate.

There’s been a huge buzz for a while around the one stop shop or single street food concept. Consumers love the fact that there’s no 4 page menu to startle and confuse and instead you sit down and know what you’re going to get and know you’re going to get it done well. There’s less food waste, the food costs a little less for the consumer as the restaurants can buy in bulk and the chefs have perfected their craft across a limited but perfect formed menu. You’re not going to rock up hoping there’s something on the menu you like (though obviously don’t get excited thinking about Whyte & Brown if you don’t like chicken………..and egg!).  Those who love food want to know that whenever possible their food is responsibly, locally, organically sourced and animal husbandry is high on the list of things we care about. 

The concept of Whyte and Brown is chicken & egg and craft beer. They’ve managed to make the menu interesting despite limited ingredients and we liked the little touches, such as beer recommendations to accompany individual dishes.

There was a really great buzz about the place – we hope this is the usual feel and not the old British spirit of keeping our peckers (excuse the pun) up in the face of despair (tube strikes). Decor is scaled back and simple – lots of wood, interesting lighting and a soft, yet industrial feel. Like an arts cafe in Berlin. Loads of space between tables so you don’t feel like you’re intruding on someone else’s good time and if you’re by yourself and just want to grab a bite, some fab high trestle-type tables with bar stools.

We all had something different and whilst some of the plates didn’t get finished as they felt a little rich and overwhelming (we’re talking to you, parmesan creamed spinach and egg bake. And you too, croquette balls with smokey tomato sauce), there were some firm hits. In particular the chicken goujons – so lightly fried and seasoned they melted in the mouth, the Bangkok scotch egg with picked cucumber – perfectly balanced, and who could forget the escalope; the ideal protein fix for those Prospect girls watching their figure but still wanting an exciting plate of food.

And these are just some of the reasons Whyte & Brown worked for the Prospect team when we all headed out to eat, drink, brainstorm and be merry.

And to round off, twee as it may sound, merry was definitely how we’d describe the waiting staff – they were accommodating, chatty and informative - nothing was too much trouble and the dinner was made all the better for it. Top marks to Daisy – you were a pleasure. We’ll definitely be back and recommending you to our friends.

You can find www.whyteandbrown.com in Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street or @WhyteandBrown


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