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New Biz Director






Time for all new business gurus to step forward. This is an opportunity which comes around …..not very often at all actually, so it’s really worth reading this, and then pinging us your CV.

This London based, Global Agency is looking to hire a New Business Director. Please don’t think that this is just about hamster wheel lead gen. You know, when you network hard to get someone interested, only to hand it on to go back to the beginning? 

This is a big role and one which is really important to this global business; it’s so much more than it says on the tin. Yes, you will be responsible for leading and managing new business prospects and activity around it, that’s bread and butter stuff; but you will also be working very closely with the senior leadership team of the agency to input into the pitches as well as encouraging the whole agency to grow their clients organically.

It’s a position that sits at the heart of the agency. You’ll be driving and supporting the marketing strategy, playing a key role in the pitch process, both pre and post, educating the entire business on how new business works and why & how they should be involved. And last but not least, see a direct correlation between your brilliance and input to the number of new clients that land at the door. Simple?

If you really want to play an instrumental role in a well-known global agency at the same time as being across the entire business, this is a fabulous opportunity to do just that.

And for those of you that didn’t apply but should have done, keep a look out for that agency that wins everything that comes their way over the next 6 months. That could have been you. 

For more information please send your CV to celia@prospectresourcing.com | 0207 497 0100


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